Empower Your Data Centre and Hybrid Cloud Optimisation

Data centres are the heart to any IT environment. As technology evolves, data processing demands and storage needs must keep up. Data centres are a fundamental business requirement and a critical element in expanding your organisation’s capabilities.

Paragon Micro UK’s team of solutions experts are trained to create strategic data management solutions tailored to your organisation’s requirements. Our solutioning philosophy ensures you’re getting the right product for the job, regardless of size or cost.

Types of Data Centres

On-Premises Data Centre

Most organisations will have some form of on-premises data centre. These can be used to run an assortment of IT infrastructure, but typically they’re used to run private clouds and software applications.

Public Cloud Data Centre

Public cloud offerings are typically the most popular, with technology partners such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or Amazon Web Services (AWS) providing cloud storage for users all over the world. The team at Paragon Micro UK can provide the DevOps necessary for optimal cloud management and implementation, ensuring data centre stability and protection within your IT infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud Data Centre

Hybrid cloud infrastructure refers to the collaboration of private cloud, public cloud, and on-premises infrastructure to deploy an assortment of operating systems and applications. With Paragon Micro UK’s network of partners and global technology leaders, we’re equipped to handle any size of cloud infrastructure project.

  • Data Migration:
    Data migration may require substantial advanced planning and involve connecting older legacy systems. At Paragon Micro UK, we pride ourselves on developing a suitable and precise implementation strategy, all while aimed at minimising the impacts on your organisation.
  • Data Protection and Privacy:
    Security threats to your data can compromise your entire organisation and come in various forms. Such threats can be physical or virtual, internal or external. Paragon Micro UK offers a range of solutions to ensure your data is secure, your business is compliant, and your IT infrastructure is equipped with the necessary network security, monitoring, and data encryption services available.
  • Risk Management and Mitigation:
    Understanding risk management and mitigation is paramount to the effective operation of any data centre infrastructure. Our solutioning philosophy allows us to formulate and deploy essential processes to mitigate issues such as security server failure, malicious attacks, and administrative errors, ensuring your data centre infrastructure is running smoothly.
  • Real-Time Monitoring:
    Keeping your data centre secure is the constant battle all IT environments face, where even a minor issue can be detrimental to your operations. Our team of solutions experts can deploy several DCIM solutions, such as asset configuration and change management, to assess and monitor essential functions of your organisation.
  • Power and Energy Optimisation:
    Data centres are large energy consumers, and a lack of strategic planning can result in wasted energy consumption. Work with our team of IT infrastructure experts to create an efficient and integrated technology solution, optimised with your budget and energy consumption needs in mind.

Our Approach

Consultative Business Strategy Sessions
Consultative Business Strategy Sessions
Our solutioning philosophy puts the customer first. We begin with business-focused strategy sessions with our Client Directors and Solution Architects. We care about people, process, and technology.
Phase 1: Assessment and Design Workshops
Phase 1: Assessment and Design Workshops
Paragon Micro UK provides technical consulting engagements delivered through our Professional Services Consultants to assess and optimise your IT infrastructure.
Phase 2: Project Delivery - Sourcing and Implementation
Phase 2: Project Delivery - Sourcing and Implementation
Using our global partner network, we source and supply the appropriate hardware and/or software solution necessary for client success. Our implementation and deployment services will ensure a smooth transition on your IT infrastructure.
Phase 3: Optimisation and Business Outcome Enablement
Phase 3: Optimisation and Business Outcome Enablement
Work with our Client Directors and Solutions Architects to measure previously defined success metrics and ensure strategic direction aligns with organisational vision.
Phase 4: Client Testimonial
Phase 4: Client Testimonial
The relationships we create with our customers is what makes Paragon Micro UK who we are today. Your feedback is essential to our growth and enables us to maintain an award-winning level of service excellence.

Our Offerings:

Infrastructure and Hybrid Cloud

Advanced network infrastructure solutions and public cloud management services.

IT Networking

Optimise your IT infrastructure with industry-leading tools and deployment services.

Data Protection and Management

Secure your sensitive information with leading security solutions.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Ensure your organisation is prepared with backup and data recovery processes.

Risk Management and Mitigation

Managed security services and cybersecurity strategy to keep your organisation protected.

IT Security

Assess your entire IT infrastructure with guidance from our security experts.

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