Innovative IT Data Protection Solutions

Protecting your organisational data from compromise, loss, or corruption can prove vital for business operations. Enabling strategic data protection and management steps into your IT program will ensure you’re safeguarded from various network threats.

Data protection involves a set of strategies or objectives implemented to secure and stabilise your IT infrastructure. Without effective business outcomes, your data security may be vulnerable to malicious attacks and various threats connected to your network environment.
Paragon Micro UK knows how valuable your infrastructure data is. Protecting it against unauthorised access from internal or external threats means you’re safeguarding your organisation from significant infrastructure and financial loss.

Data Protection Features


Data encryption software protects your data by using algorithms and coded keys to disrupt any unauthorised access.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Successful data management requires a strategic plan outlining specific backup and disaster recovery outcomes. In the event of a data breach, infrastructure failure, or corruption event, it’s important to have a process that enables your organisation with minimal network disruptions.

Data Masking

Similar to data encryption software, data masking software conceals information by using proxy characters in place of letters and numbers. This type of protection ensures only those with authorised access will see the data.


Authentication technology verifies users within your IT infrastructure by providing authorisation blocks such as security codes, passwords, or key tokens. The main highlight in authentication software is single sign-on, where users can authorise access to multiple platforms or applications within your network infrastructure.

  • Data Security Solutions:
    Our team of security specialists understand the various levels of protection management required within your IT infrastructure. Our range of SMBs and large corporation customers enables our experience and industry knowledge, ensuring the highest level of service excellence.
  • GDPR Compliance:
    It can be a challenge for companies to put systems and processes in place to maintain compliance, with new expectations of security teams emerging. Our innovative security solutions and ongoing support to your enterprise will help you protect all forms of data and maintain business compliance.
  • NIST and CIS Framework Integration:
    Security compliance is the foundation of our cybersecurity strategy and consulting services. Our use of NIST and CIS framework integration means your IT infrastructure will have a better understanding of cybersecurity risk and provide recommendations to reduce internal or external threats.
  • Strategic Backup and Disaster Recovery:
    Paragon Micro UK knows what’s required to develop a successful backup and disaster recovery plan. Our team of security experts will assess your current IT environment using a series of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing tools to identify potential exposures.

Our Approach

Consultative Business Strategy Sessions
Consultative Business Strategy Sessions
Our solutioning philosophy puts the customer first. We begin with business-focused strategy sessions with our Client Directors and Solution Architects. We care about people, process, and technology.
Phase 1: Assessment and Design Workshops
Phase 1: Assessment and Design Workshops
Paragon Micro UK provides technical consulting engagements delivered through our Professional Services Consultants to assess and optimise your IT infrastructure.
Phase 2: Project Delivery - Sourcing and Implementation
Phase 2: Project Delivery - Sourcing and Implementation
Using our global partner network, we source and supply the appropriate hardware and/or software solution necessary for client success. Our implementation and deployment services will ensure a smooth transition on your IT infrastructure.
Phase 3: Optimization and Business Outcome Enablement
Phase 3: Optimisation and Business Outcome Enablement
Work with our Client Directors and Solutions Architects to measure previously defined success metrics and ensure strategic direction aligns with organisational vision.
Phase 4: Client Testimonial
Phase 4: Client Testimonial
The relationships we create with our customers is what makes Paragon Micro UK who we are today. Your feedback is essential to our growth and enables us to maintain an award-winning level of service excellence.

Our Offerings:

End-User Experience

Complete IT solutions tailored to succeed with any organisation.

Risk Management and Mitigation

Managed security services and cybersecurity strategy to keep your organisation protected..

Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Experience the latest in cloud technology with Microsoft and Paragon Micro UK.

Microsoft Azure

Hybrid cloud technology has never been easier with Azure.

IT Networking

Optimise your IT infrastructure with industry-leading tools and deployment services.

IT Security

Assess your entire IT infrastructure with guidance from our security experts.

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